Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Exercício para praticar a fala em inglês: Exercise to practice speaking: talking about the family (intermediate)

Match questions 1-10 with answers a) - j) 
** Além de realizar o exercício da maneira proposta, você pode responder às questões utilizando respostas pessoais, falando e/ou escrevendo.

1. Do you know about your family history?
2. Which do you know best: your mother's or your father's side of the family?
3. Where did your ancestors come from?
4. Did you ever meet your great-grandparents?
5. Do you know most of your relatives?
6. Are you related to anyone famous?
7. Have you inherited any family characteristics?
8. Who in your family do you take after?
9. Would you like to know more about your roots?
10. Do you live with your extended family?

a) Quite a lot. My parents told me a lot of stories about my background.
b) Yes. I'm very shy, like my father and my older brothers.
c) I'd love to, but it's difficult because my parents don't often talk about the past.
d) Yes, I live with my immediate family and my grandparents.
e) No, there are no celebrities in the family!
f) They came from Coimbra, Portugal.
g) I know about half of them. The others live in Brazil and I've never met them.
h) My father's. I grew up next door to his sister's family.
i) My mother. We look alike and we have similar characters.
j) No. Unfortunately, they died before I was born.


Great grandparents: a grandfather or grandmother of one's father or mother = bisavós.
Immediate family: an "immediate family" can include parents, children, spouses and grandparents. (Clique aqui para saber mais)
Extended family: a family that includes not only parents and children but also other relatives (such as grandparents, aunts, or uncles).
Relatives: a person who is connected with another or others by blood or marriage = parentes.
Take after: to resemble (another person, as a parent) physically, temperamentally, etc.: = ser a cara de alguém, parecer-se com alguém (mais velho da família).
Background: one's origin, education, experience, etc., in relation to one's present character, status, etc. = origem
Look alike:  someone or something that looks like another person or thing = parecer

1A - 2H - 3F - 4J - 5G - 6E - 7B - 8I - 9C - 10D

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